Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Trade, Supply Chain Integration, Finance, Investments

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Industry Setting

Wuchan Zhongda Group (WZ Group) is a large state-controlled conglomerate with businesses in supply chain integration services, financial services and advanced industries. With several hundred member companies, it is a leader in China’s supply chain integration service industry. In 2018, WZ Group ranked 270 in the Fortune 500 list.


When WZ Group established new positioning as “China’s leading supply chain integration service provider”, the challenge was to convey the abstract concept of “supply chain integration service provider” through visual language, and to unite its hundreds of member companies to achieve synergy in the market.


Based on insights obtained from research of the conglomerates’ internal management and employees, as well as external partners and customers, the strategy for the brand’s visual identity was to express the four key aspects of “supply chain integration service,” namely data flow, cash flow, logistics and commerce, using floating dot-shaped elements. This successfully transformed a complex and abstract concept into concrete and intuitive expression.


The brand proposition conveyed by WZ Group’s new brand identity system has been well received by people from both within and outside the organization. The conglomerate’s ranking on the Fortune 500 list moved up 21 spots to 249 in 2019.


Client: WZ Group – www.wzgroup.com

Brand Manager: Lei Chen

Brand Strategists/Designers: Metathink Consulting – www.themetathink.com

Founding Parter, Strategist: Fuguo Chen
Creative Designer: Hongbin Yang
Design Project Manager: Wen Wen
Designer: Wei Qian
Designer: Fan Ji