Country Base: Japan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Automobile, Cars, Transportation, Travel, Japan, Audio Branding, Sonic Branding

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Industry Setting

Infiniti is positioned as a luxury brand that prides itself on creating unique and rewarding experiences for its customers, extending beyond just the product to touch all senses. Rooted in a rich Japanese heritage, Infiniti seeks to differentiate itself in the luxury car market by challenging conventions and appealing to those who value innovation and distinction.


The main challenge for Infiniti was to elevate its brand experience in a manner that transcends traditional luxury car offerings. They aimed to craft an identity that not only represented their fusion of power and serenity but also connected deeply with customers on an emotional and sensory level, differentiating themselves in a competitive market.


To address this challenge, Infiniti introduced a new dimension to their brand experience with the creation of a signature sound titled “Infiniti’s Moment of Tranquility.” This sound was designed to embody the brand’s ethos of power fused with serenity. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, the signature sound uniquely combines the powerful beats of the taiko drum with the delicate tones of the Japanese wind chime (furin), and the human voice. The concept of ‘ma’—valuing the pauses between notes as much as the notes themselves—played a crucial role in crafting this musical hook, aiming to create a serene and transformative experience for the listener.


The creation of a signature sound for Infiniti enhanced the brand’s unique identity, enriching the customer experience by engaging them not just visually but also acoustically. This innovative approach to branding helps position Infiniti as a pioneer in creating multi-sensory luxury experiences, potentially increasing brand loyalty and attracting customers who seek a deeper connection with their luxury purchases.


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