Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: US
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Insurance, Claims Management, Financial Services, Technological Advancement

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Industry Setting

Insurers are entering a new era of claims management supported by rapid technological advancements and growing data availability. These new developments provide unprecedented visibility into the claims process and the changing preferences of customers. The claims adjusting process needs to be supported by a mix of technology and human intervention that seamlessly expedites the process. To address these changes, Engle Martin decided it was time to revisit its business goals, strategies and refresh its brand.


To fulfill a multi-year strategic growth plan, a need to differentiate Engle Martin from its competitors was mission critical. A rebranding initiative called for clear differentiators in thought leadership, customer-centric messaging, and brand storytelling unique to the company.


We worked with the EM Executive and Strategic Leadership teams to validate their SWOT, uncover their unique brand story, develop customer journey maps, and create foundational brand messaging that only Engle Martin was positioned to deliver to their customers – all wrapped up in beautiful new trade dress.


During the internal All Hands reveal 3 weeks before the external launch, employee sentiment:
• Leaving right after the call to get this tattooed over my heart.
• LOVE IT!!!
• Alright… looking fresh and modern!
• Great change!
• This is so exciting! I love it!
• Slow down, heart rate…
• Feeling pumped now!
• NICE!! Can’t wait! 🙌

A week after the external launch in April 2022. LinkedIn metrics include:
• 53% jump in total unique visitors
• 54% Overview page unique visitors
• 46% total page views
• 42% Jobs page unique visitors

After one week, the new company website saw:
• 49% increase in users
• 73% jump in page views

One leadership team member from EM’s largest competitor was quoted as saying: “Look at what little Engle Martin has done! Why can’t WE do that?”


Client: Engle Martin – englemartin.com

President: Stephen Beene
Chief Operating Officer: Roberto Stewart
EVP, Strategic Planning & Organizational Growth: Jay Campbell
Divisional Chief People Officer: Shavonne Gammage
SVP, Business Development: John Ketch
Marketing Director: Dominique Enriquez
Marketing Manager: Shannon Watkins
Marketing Specialist: Ashleigh Oguni

Brand Strategists/Designers: Windup Agency – www.windupagency.com

Brand Strategy: Judy Willis
Brand Strategy, 
Copywriter: Lisa Acup
Brand Strategy
, Copywriter: James Lee
Visual Design: Greg Simmons
Visual Design: Jeff Stapleton
Visual Design: Lisa Spietel
Web Development: Dan Mueller

Video: Boom Crate
Video: AGI
Motion Graphics: Lon Stewart
Production: Kevin Moran
Copywriter: Kelly Olson
Original Photography: Matthew Simmons