Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: India
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business/Professional Services, Consulting Services, Food, Lifestyle, Nutritionist, Nutrition, Individual Expert, Health, Wellness, Media, Advocacy

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Industry Setting

The space of ‘health and wellness is getting cluttered every day in India. There is a plethora of brands as well as individuals adding to the choices and their ‘quick-fix’ formulas for masses shaping several misconceptions about appropriate dietary practices.


Mumbai-based, internationally acclaimed celebrity nutritionist and winner of the prestigious ‘Nutrition award’ from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Rujuta Diwekar (RD), had an honest quest. How can strategic design add value to her services? How exactly will it help her vision to spread the wisdom and knowledge which is based on Indian food science; her unique perspective making it work in modern day lifestyle.

We realized the graphical appearance and its implementation of her brand did not align with the profoundness of the subject. It neither reflected her philosophy nor incorporated a consistent strategy for communications.


RD already had a large number of followers. However, reaching out to more was important. Hence we reframed all the content accordingly. Along with crafting a unique visual signature and design system to reflect her persona, we created a lean, yet powerful design solution integrating all her touch-points – articles, social media, videos, audios, activity calendar etc. in a robust web solution. Every subject entry point tries to correct pre-existing myths and misconceptions. This allowed access to unique ‘intelligent food and lifestyle wisdom’ by all, with great clarity.

Thereby, the design approach added significant value and expression to her philosophy. Design intervention included her award winning website, web-application, on ground branding and communication elements. Wisdom, bettered through design.


The new identity has received extremely positive feedback and attention. All three types of audience profiles (new, familiar, engaged) felt their respective entry-points were convincing and comfortable. The web interface enabled Rujuta’s unique modus operandi for consulting in an organized way and helped accelerate daily operations. From the competition standpoint, the solution indeed delivered an ‘RD’ edge to the subject. It effectively unified her touchpoints in one place. It also stood as an inspiration for the design of additional offerings like a Mobile App that makes for a convenient and improved experience for her client base and broader audience.


Client: Rujuta Diwekar – www.rujutadiwekar.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: The Neon Project – www.theneonproject.in

Creative Direction: Prashant S. Shingade
Design Team: Prashant S. Shingade, Vijay N. Rajbhar, Rohini Shenoy, Mahesh Naik
Project Management: Mohammed Furniturewala