Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Consumer Goods and Services, FMCG, Maternity, Motherhood, Breast-Feeding, Mamaway, Mother, Child, Retail Stores, Apparel, Wearables

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Industry Setting

Mamaway is a maternity brand that has been based in Taiwan since 2004, focused on selling products and techniques relating to breastfeeding. Through 13 years of development, from oblivion to ubiquity, Mamaway has entered more than 10 countries and regions.


In the process of Mamaway’s expansion, the original brand idea “Solving breastfeeding problems” could no longer cover the broader product line today. And the brand identity system was diluted and became obscure when numbers of sub-brands were developed with a decentralized visual system. Beyond that, as its business expanded, matching unmet needs with today’s consumers also led to the rebrand effort.


With Big Data, we detected the correlation between negative emotion and specific motherhood experience, and then matched those unsatisfied needs with the benefits customers expected from motherhood and maternity brands. It turns out the most under-served benefit was the need for development even after women stepped into motherhood—which differs from the traditional ideology that the baby should always be the top priority. By encouraging mothers to break the stereotype of “being an unconditional dedicator,” we helped Mamaway to build a new standard for successful modern mothers to include their interest and desire for self-care.


The rebrand helped the brand clarify its brand structure, rejuvenate its brand idea and core message. This helped to enhance connection with consumers, with the development of a new brand identity system to support its clarified position and ideology. The rebrand has also successfully reunited and energized employees to reach the brand’s future goals. According to sales statistics, the brand has achieved almost 40% upswing of sales from March to middle of June, 2017, which was a stimulating start for future development.


Client: Mamaway – www.mamaway.com
CEO, Project leader: Deborah Liu

Brand Strategists/Designers: Dentsu Aegis (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd BJ Branch Isobar China Group – www.isobar.com

Executive Director, Project Leader: James Yang
Principal Consultant of Brand Consultancy, Principle Consultant: Jarrow Lee
Chief Consultant &Chief Data Officer, Consultant: Eve Lo
Principal Consultant of Brand Identity, Principle Designer: Weiting Chen
Client Service Manager, Project Manager: Claire Wang
Brand Commerce Consultancy, Consultant: Ivy Iuo
Associate Brand Commerce Consultancy, Associate Consultant: Jo Chen
Brand Identity Designer, Designer: Yue Zheng