Country Base: Brazil
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Banking, Online Payments, Technology
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Industry Setting

The payment industry is one of the most competitive and profitable markets attracting major banks and investors. Getnet was a startup with the fastest technology on the market and quickly became the third largest payment processor in Brazil threatening large consolidated companies. It was recently acquired by Santander, increasing their growth potential even more.


Challenge 1:
Getnet grew providing services to small and medium enterprises. It is now focusing on large customers to increase its profitability. To become more attractive and credible to the large companies we narrowed the distance between Santander and Getnet.

We combined the best attributes of both companies in a single brand. Santander’s red color was chosen to differentiate and highlight the brand among competitors. And a proprietary identity was built to show more independence and agility to preserve their startup DNA.

Challenge 2:
Payment service companies have a huge responsibility in data processing and information security. They have giant structures and a continuous effort to be available to an increasing number of transactions. However, customers do not realize the importance of the process because the only thing they can see is the device to insert the credit card.

To increase the value perception of Getnet we created an element that indicates a brand that is constantly on and connected with a future. The element has rhythm and continuous lights to make the availability of Getnet services tangible. The brand element flashes once per second, showing the speed Getnet processes a payment.


The rebrand shows that Getnet is ready to be one of the market’s leaders in innovation increasing the confidence of its customers and becoming an attractive option for large companies. Getnet is now prepared for the future.


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