Country Base: Finland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial, Maintenance, Process, Life-Cycle Logistics
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Industry Setting

Traditional process industries face hard challenges as competition becomes global and digitalization rearranges value chains. Restructuring, cost cutting or centralizing operations hasn’t helped. This has made industrial work less attractive.


Efora concentrates on maintenance at paper, pulp and board mills in Finland. Originally, Efora´s personnel had been Stora Enso’s maintenance department. In late 2013, Stora Enso became the sole owner of Efora. A new business strategy was crafted to support better maintenance results. As part of the new strategy, Efora started to apply industrial Internet to its maintenance work.

As an HR (human resources) task, Efora needed to ensure that best talents stay in-house and that the company becomes appealing to young recruits. The company was virtually unknown in the market even though it was the largest in its field.


We evaluated the core message and visual identity of all key competitors. In addition to top management, we talked with the personnel and clients to define which issues about process industries matter to Finns.

The branding solution was based on communicating how Efora excels both in traditional maintenance and life cycle expertise and solutions as well as those of the Internet age. Another key element was to show that the personnel are proud of their role as the revitalizers of the industry.

Efora’s new core message became “Smarter maintenance.” The branding solution highlights the company’s and its people skills to analyze mill data and to choose the right preventative and corrective actions to ensure better usability of the processes.


During summer 2015, Efora enjoyed 20% larger pull when they sought apprentices and summer employees. Since the launch of the new brand, Efora has been covered well by the press including the leading business daily, regional newspapers and local papers. Judging by media interest and speaker invitations, Efora is now known as the industrial Internet forerunner in process industries in Finland.


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