Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services/Insurance, Brancusi, Modern

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

Asirom was one of the two companies that separated from the former Romanian state-owned insurance company after the fall of communism in 1989. As the market opened and international players came to Romania, Asirom started to lose its leadership position due to its stiff structure and to its outdated image. By becoming a part of the VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP in 2007, Asirom secured its growing footprint in the Romanian insurance market but kept the same outdated visual identity.


The main challenge was to communicate Asirom’s emergence towards a dominant position while also setting a new visual standard for the insurance market in Romania. The company had the know-how and the people, but the image was dusty, and people were still associating it with a not-so-happy past.

There was an acute need for a big shift: from a slow and large company who made the audiences skeptical, to a vibrant and simpler company that made the audiences enthusiastic. We also needed to signal its flexible product portfolio that could transform Asirom into a differentiated provider.


After a comprehensive review of the context, we decided the first major need was for a new positioning and subsequently for a new visual identity. The former visual identity used a worn-out cliché that accentuated only the national attribute of the company but usually got lost in the insurance visual landscape.

The Romanian heritage was important for the shareholders and the audiences but needed to be approached from a new angle. The new brand relies on a strong visual language derived from the works of the famous Romanian modern sculptor, Constantin Brancusi. The fluid lines and basic shapes create an iconic symbol while the new color scheme is fresh and forces the audiences to rethink everything Asirom related.


The new visual identity and positioning has captured a sense of modernity while capitalizing on the acquired heritage. The new brand applications are simple and engaging creating a simpler interaction with the brand. They have also simplified the implementation and management of assets internally and at external touchpoints.


Client: Asirom – www.asirom.ro

CEO: Cristian Ionescu
Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager: Andrea Iosef

Brand Strategists/Designers: innerpride – www.inner-pride.com

Creative Director: George Nisioiu