Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Germany
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Engineering, Electrical, Automation, Digital, Transportation, Energy and Utilities, Transportation, Shipping and Delivery, Industrial/Manufacturing, Electronics, Business/Professional Services, Digitalization, Innovation, Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Industry Setting

For more than 170 years Siemens has been a worldwide leader in engineering and technology. They have developed countless game-changing innovations that improve the lives of many people. However, the digital industrial revolution brings dynamic competition and raises the bar for remaining a partner and employer of choice in the future.


Siemens is a driving force in digitalization and a powerhouse of innovative solutions, which wasn’t reflected by its brand perception. How could the Siemens brand increase its differentiation?


Siemens concentrated their activities on one strong purpose: Ingenuity for life. A commitment to improve quality of life through the power of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It stands for the value Siemens creates for customers and society and is the benchmark for everything they do. It sends a bold message to the public and nurtures a customer-focused culture among employees.

Siemens launched a new brand experience system that breathes simplicity, and drives differentiation. The iconic “Petrol” is transformed into “Dynamic Petrol” – a gradient that now shines as a key brand element. Images connect with the audience by telling real stories. Typefaces are adapted for digital touchpoints. An easy to use layout system gives consistent appearance globally. Engaging lookbooks and movies replace restrictive guidelines and a user-friendly brand management system reduces complexity.


This highly collaborative approach brought together different agencies and departments across Siemens worldwide, resulting in a brand program developed in record-breaking time. Launched internally to ensure employee engagement, the program now runs externally in over 50 countries increasing global brand likeability by 17% on average. Corporate design guidelines were reduced from 2,750 to 250 pages and templates from 350 to 150 while brand management efficiency increased drastically.

From 2017, when Siemens celebrated their founder’s 200th birthday, the story continues: #ingenuity4life


Client: Siemens AG – www.siemens.com
Head of Brand: Adam Cockill
Head of Brand Experience: Jürgen Barthel
Senior Manager Brand Experience: Zebo Seo-Bohl

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services:
Interbrand – www.interbrand.com
MetaDesign – www.metadesign.com
KANTAR Added Value – www.added-value.com

Motion Design: 908video – www.908video.de
Sound Branding: whydobirds – www.whydobirds.de

Interbrand NY – www.interbrand.com
Jörg Sesselmann and Marcel Flauaus – www.metadesign.com

Client Services: MetaDesign – Ina Bernhardt, Maren Wanke, Maren Staib – www.metadesign.com

Customer Insights: KANTAR Added Value – Andreas Hilgers – www.added-value.com

Creation: Andy Payne – www.interbrand.com
Creation: Gennett Agbenu, Felix Schubert – www.metadesign.com

Extended Creation Team: MetaDesign – Clare Holmes, André Metzen, Britta Zwarg, Patrizia Monnerjahn, Mareike Geisker, Regine Heite, Elisa Bauer, Stephan Maus, Christian Renner – www.metadesign.com

Implementation Team: MetaDesign – Robert Grund, Marco Stölk, Simone Juhas-Stevens, Rico Carqueville, Melanie Käske, Nicole Heidbrink – www.metadesign.com