Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Home Furnishings, Accessories, Appliances, Retail Stores, Design
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Industry Setting

Formerly known as Fixtures Living, PIRCH reinvents the home appliance shopping experience, taking it from packed-to-the-gills warehouses to inspiring interactive showrooms in high-traffic luxury malls.


Poised for nationwide expansion into luxury retail destinations, Fixtures Living felt its name was not only misleading, but lacked emotional appeal and the cachet needed to fit within the high-end malls being targeted.


PIRCH, an abstracted spelling of “perch,” suggests an elevated place to nest, reflecting the company’s mission to help customers “live joyfully” by outfitting their homes with beautiful, highly functional plumbing and appliances.

The visual identity for PIRCH preserves a degree of continuity with the previous logo by retaining the leaf element, now incorporated as part of a stylized branch that underscores the meaning of the new name.


With three West Coast locations at the time of the rebranding initiative, PIRCH has since expanded to nine stores in luxury retail centers across the country, while gaining extensive press and industry coverage for its groundbreaking approach to home appliance shopping.


Client: Pirch –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Mires Ball –

Partner/Creative Director: John Ball
Associate Creative Director: Miguel Perez
Senior Designer:
Miguel Perez
Tracy Meiners
Account Manager: Holly Houk