Country Base: Denmark
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Apparel, Accessories, Fashion, Design, Retail Stores, ECommerce
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Industry Setting

Since 2004, fast fashion powerhouse, Modström, has achieved success on the Danish and European fashion scenes providing up-to-the-minute fashion to match current trends. Unveiling 6 ready-to-wear, 2 outerwear and 10 express collections a year, Modström is known for quickly making the latest styles easily accessible to young consumers.


Modström’s value-for-money take on fashion is to follow the direction set by high-end fashion designers and make it both more wearable and affordable. As a result, Modström’s products don’t carry their own distinct design identity, which proved challenging in terms of securing customer loyalty. Coupled with a desire to conquer new international markets in a highly competitive industry, Modström needed a revitalization that would recapture lost sources of brand identity as well as lead to a new, strong, differentiating and recognizable brand expression.


A unified identity – “Breathe the now” – was created to communicate their love of fast fashion, while providing a consistent brand attitude across otherwise visually diverse collections.

The wolf was chosen as a powerful metaphor for Modström’s instinct-driven approach to fashion linking the wolf’s ears to the M in their name to create a dynamic brand mark.

A suitably grey-scale color scheme, coupled with seasonal colors and abstract textures, set off the bright and bold product images. In addition, the fracture in the iconographic symbol is mirrored in headlines and imagery, where offset text and double exposure photography add character and represent moments in time.


Modström has received positive feedback from retailers at fairs and events saying that expectations are now being met by the new visual identity. Sales personnel report increasingly smooth sales processes in their face-to-face interactions with retailers, as the brand has become more strongly associated with ‘edge’ and ‘attitude’ – above value-for-money – making it easier for retailers to sell on to consumers and tell the story of Modström’s attitude to fashion.


Client: Modström –
Chief Executive Officer: Helle Wagner

Brand Strategists/Designers: Make® –

Strategic Director: Morten Brudholm
Creative Director: Kritoffer Gudbrand
Designer: Mike Collinge
Project Manager: Pia Hausmann-Sebell
Project Manager Assistant: Christine Ohrt