Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Cosmetics, Toiletries, Men, Skincare, Social Services, E-Commerce, Facial Cleanser, Asia, Sub-Tropical, Medical, Beauty, Wellness

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Industry Setting

In Asia, men’s skincare products specifically for the subtropical climate are very few. Most of the existing brands from Europe and the US are suitable for use in the continental climate. Besides, inexperienced male consumers have difficulty in selecting the right products, resulting in spending time and money for trial and error. HODRMEN is the first brand to take care of the unmet need in the market.


Firstly, the revenue of HODRMEN came from the existing consumers, but the growth of its consumers was stagnant. Secondly, HODRMEN had only the online shop which neither delivered offline customer experience nor outreached to new consumers. Thirdly, the brand image was quite local compared with international brands, making it difficult for global expansion.


After qualitative and quantitative surveys of existing and potential consumers for learning the common preferences, the design of HODRMEN showed the brand’s unique taste. The brand logo extracts the first letter “H” from HODRMEM and gets inspired by the Chinese pictogram “water”. The visual effect of the positive and negative space contains two lowercase h, respectively representing the brand spirit of “human” and “humble”. To maintain the brand consistency, the icon and pattern design for product functions and usage align with the brand identity in various applications, all in all ensuring the customer experience from purchase to use is richer and sensational.


After rebranding, HODRMEN saw a 20% growth in revenue and number of brand members. In addition, it was invited to set up the first offline shop at eslite, one of the largest shopping mall groups in Taiwan and China, connecting online and offline touchpoints. Since the employees participated in the rebranding project, all team members had higher loyalty and consistency for brand management. Meanwhile, ongoing inquiries from overseas traders continue to be received.


Client: Hodrmen International Co., Ltd. – www.hodrmen.com

CEO: Will Chu
COO: Ray Hung
Designer: Yujie Hsueh
Designer: Weihsiang Hung

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services:
Process Ltd. Taipei – www.process-group.com

Design Director: Xinhong Yeh
Consulting Director: Jules Li
Brand Designer: Estela Lin
Brand Consultant: Kaiching Liu
Account Manager: Angel Yang