Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Chile
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy & Utilities, Government/State Agencies/NGOs, Redesign, Chile Oil, ENAP, Future, Energy Solutions, Clean Energy, Responsible Growth, Sustainability, Innovation

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Industry Setting

Born in 1950, Empresa Nacional del Petróleo—ENAP—is an iconic state-owned oil company; with more than 3,500 workers and operations in four countries. It is Chile´s most relevant energy company. In a context of increasing demand for clean energy, responsible growth and innovation, it had to reimagine its role for a new era and launched its most important modernization process of the last 40 years, diversifying into new and cleaner energy sources.


In a context of increasing competition and demand for energy, the company had a new mandate: to become and be perceived as a strategic energy player and a key contributor for the development of the country. Along with business, the company needed an identity transformation; to leave behind its bureaucratic, oil-dependent, contaminating image; build new relations with communities and citizens, and become a modern energy player. A new identity also meant internal unity, integrating all areas and teams of the organization to become one company.


The aim of the rebrand was twofold: to create a powerful brand narrative and visual identity to make sense of and symbolize the business transformation underway (key to external stakeholders); and also build a unified organizational culture under the same purpose .

The strategy was set out to bring to life a new public energy company. A key insight was to articulate the company´s identity around its role and purpose rather than its products, thus moving away from industry conventions. The core brand narrative is about driving a sustainable energy future for this and future generations; and moving from oil to an orchestrator of innovative energy solutions.

The brand´s visual identity concept is energies in motion. It is inspired by the elements of nature, which are represented by a vivid chromatic range. An hexagon was also defined to represent a starting point which is, in a context.


Four months after launching, the media in Chile has represented ENAP with positive attributes such as sustainable, strategic, agile and as an energy (not only oil) company, all key brand concepts. 73% of the news about the company or industry (that mention ENAP) are positive – as opposed to 67% last year – and only 14% are considered negative – in contrast to 18% last year.

Internally, an intensive communications program was deployed. We reached over one thousand workers within three months through brand activation workshops. After four months of an internal communication campaign, a tracking survey shows that nearly 55% of workers are aware that the company is changing, that is diversifying its business, and trust that the company is heading in the right direction.


Client: ENAP – www.enap.cl

Manager of Public Affairs and Sustainability, Project Leader: Gabriel Mendez
Director of Communications: Lorena Rubio
Head of Internal Communications: Marcela Alam
Designer / Project Manager: Sergio Mancilla
Project Manager: Daniela Torres

Brand Strategists/Designers: MagiaLiquid – www.magialiquid.com

VP of Strategy, Project Leader: Andrés Correa
Chief Creative Officer & President, Creative Director: Cristian Montegu
Executive Creative Director, Creative Director: José Covarrubias
Director of Design: Marisol Escorza
Designer: MagiaLiquidTeam