Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Construction, Real Estate, Development, Management, Design
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Industry Setting

Since 1994, De Luca Corporation – a medium-sized development and construction firm – built a successful business. However, it was experiencing challenges in evolving its brand, staff culture and marketing approach to match its growing aspirations.


There was lack of consistency in brand understanding and expression between the two pillars of the business – Development and Construction – and the company was not clearly differentiated in the competitive building sector. The brand was conservative and uninspired while messages going to the market were inconsistent and cliched — more capability-driven rather than expressing a clear vision.


The research phase focused on uncovering De Luca’s “brand truth,” talking to stakeholders and reviewing the market position of its competitors.

The strategy centered around the Development and Construction divisions as having a mutually-beneficial relationship. The brand positioning expresses the vision of empowering people to live better lives by looking beyond the functional nature of their business.

The visual and experiential solution complements this positioning with abstract graphics that reflect De Luca’s dual perspective. In the property market, where style and aesthetics are crucial, it creates a bold and contemporary statement. Unlike their competitors, brand photography focuses on the human aspect of properties as containers of human activities. Marketing tools were transformed and the staff participated in Brand Culture workshops.


De Luca reports that clients see value in the two pillars, giving them added credibility now that they are well integrated. They acknowledge that this brand revitalization could potentially change the financial future of the company by adding millions of dollars to outcomes.

De Luca’s Managing Director says the rebrand helps them stand-out in a competitive marketplace, attracting their most desired clients — those with similar vision, high-standards and realistic budgets. New business conversations are more focused. Staff have realized deeper understanding of the company’s vision which has resulted in greater empathy for clients’ needs. They are more thoughtful in considering end-users of the building and designing cost-effective ways to enhance their experiences. Management can see the rebrand translating into extended, high-quality opportunities for De Luca in the future.


Client: De Luca Corporation –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Lloyd Grey Design –

Creative Director: Julie Bebbington
Designer: Julie Bebbington
Web Developer: Line26 _ Andrew Morton
Photographer: John Bowden