Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: the Netherlands
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Florist, Retail, Gift Items, Plants, Gardening, Agriculture, Interior Design, Floral Arrangements, Floral Design, Green Environments

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Industry Setting

Wim van Assem is the best-known florist in the wider area of the flowery North Holland. With his progressive, free, expressive way of flower arranging, he has strongly influenced the Dutch florist landscape over the past 40 years.


Although Wim van Assem is the leading name in the field of flower arranging for 40 years, there was no visual identity that represents the Wim van Assem quality and vision. It was time to say goodbye to a somewhat unconsciously chosen logo on the window after 40 years of top quality. With the new identity, Wim van Assem now stands as a strong brand, recognizable, powerful and expressive. In addition to the cards and marketing material, the branding also includes the eye-catching shop windows in the historical city center.


We investigated the brand “Wim van Assem” with our own brand-identification-program, an extensive system that tracks over 700 character traits. A method that works much better than the well-known ‘archetypes’, where the description of the character remains limited and ‘what you are’ is determined too early in the process. We believe in the rich mix of character traits specific to this brand. Just like human, every brand has a unique mix of characters.

With our program we selected the character traits to realize the specific formal language that Wim van Assem represents; with the same dynamics and free expression as its art of flower arranging. The outcome with the ribbons feels logical and consistent with what Wim van Assem delivers and ensures a strong recognizability in which the openness, gracefulness and free movements come into their own.


The recently launched rebrand was immediately warmly and positively embraced by clients, the market and the wider area. In addition to the shop window and communication material, Wim van Assem will is now enabled to brand his unique selection of designer pots and vases within this brand identity, under the brand name “Selected by Wim van Assem”.


Client: Bloembinderij Wim van Assem – wimvanassem.nl

Members of the Board: Wim van Assem, Ans van Assem
Communication: Wim van Assem, Ans van Assem

Brand Strategists/Designers: Ruud Winder | Rebrandt® – rebrandt.com

Designer, Design and Brand Architecture: Ruud Winder — linkedin.com/in/ruudwinder
Assistent Designer, Graphic Design: Simone Winder
Animator, Animation and Graphics: Peter Puntman — linkedin.com/in/peterpuntman
DTP and Print productions: Krijgsman Drukwerk — krijgsmandrukwerk.nl
Photography: Keesnan Dogger