Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Croatia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Food, Pet Food, Manufacturing, Food Producers, Animal Health, Pet Care

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Industry Setting

Voli Voli, formerly known as Tvornica dobre hrane, is the first Croatian factory to produce dry pet food. The company is led by a couple, Mauro and Maria who rescue abandoned dogs looking for shelter and love.


We wanted to differentiate the brand from the large number of existing pet food brands, while creating a compelling name and story that would communicate the two-way love between pets and their owners: the love a pets give to their owners, but also the owner’s love for their pets.


Voli Voli, meaning Love Love, represents mutual love between owners and their pets. Pets love us. We are their entire world, and so it’s natural that we want to return their love. We can love our pets not only with attention but, perhaps most importantly, with high-quality food. With a series of first-person stories in which pets play the main role, we wanted to show a pet’s experience after entering a family.

One was the story of Kio, the pet of Voli Voli’s owner. The real stories of the owners and their pets were also the inspiration for the illustrations on the packaging. We named the product lines to describe the many faces of love, such as Love for All, Everyday Love, Extra Special Love. The logo consists of a simplified representation of the head of a dog and a cat together with a hand forming a heart shape.


Reactions from retailers were very positive. The brand began to be exported to international markets. In the first two weeks after the launch, the number of Facebook page and profile visits has increased by 696%, reach by 2400% and new likes and follows by 460%. Profile visits on Instagram leapt up 240%, reach 40.8% and new likes and follows 380%.


Client: Tvornica dobre hrane – tdh.hr
CEO: Mauro Lukić

Brand Strategists/Designers: Fabular – fabular.agency
Brand Strategy and Creative Director: Anja Bauer
Senior Brand Consultant: Petra Despot Domljanović
Brand Consultant: Maja Đaković
Naming Consultant: Anja Bauer
Copywriter: Anja Bauer
Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga
Brand Implementor: Matea Denona

Art Director: Maja Bagić Barić
Illustrator: Srđana Modrinić
Designer: Goga Golik