Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Property Developments, Historic and Cultural Preservation, Commercial Center Revitalization, Retail Stores, Real Estate, Architecture, Tourism, Place Branding and Identity, Geographic Locations

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Industry Setting

Suzhou, China carries thousand years of history and culture. It not only boasts unique garden scenery, but also a profound humanistic heritage. Here, the ancient and the modern are intertwined, and tradition and modernity coexist, bringing people endless imagination and creative inspiration.

The Yanlord CANGJIE Street Commercial Project is located in the Pingjiang Historical and Cultural District of Suzhou, surrounded by the Humble Administrator’s Garden, Ouyuan Garden, and the ancient city wall. Rooted in such a piece of cultural soil in Suzhou, Yanlord Group plans to build the project into a cultural commercial body as a landmark of Jiangnan area, reviving Suzhou ancient city business.


Yanlord CANGJIE, as a high-profile ancient city commercial revitalization project, presented some challenges:
• How can the brand image effectively link space and culture?
• How to translate traditional Suzhou culture into contemporary language?
• While conveying the brand of Yanglord CANGJIE, how can the attractiveness and competitiveness of the project be well-presented, so as to maximize the influence of Yanlord CANGJIE?


Focusing on the renewal and growth of the ancient street, the design of the brand identity system echoes the traditional architectural and cultural features of the city of Suzhou. Audiences can directly feel the unique charm of this urban renewal project.

We extracted colors and graphics from the local culture of Suzhou, including the QUNQU opera, and developed the whole set of branding system with cultural power and vitality, conveying the project’s positioning as a place of inspiration where high-end fashion and Suzhou-style aesthetics grow together.


Yanlord CANGJIE presents the innovation and development of history and culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. Moreover, the organic combination of modern commercial needs and the cultural charm of the ancient city has attracted many high-end brands so far, including Maison Margiela, FRED, Balmain, ETRO, Jimmy Choo, JIL SANDER, DIESEL, Vivienne Westwood, and more.

The total number of brands is expected to reach more than 200 in the future, of which about 70% will be the first stores in Suzhou, Jiangsu and even China. The success of Yanlord Cangjie has won Yanlord Real Estate a lot of reputation and confidence in the commercial real estate industry.


Client: Suzhou Yanlord Commercial Management Co., Ltd – yanlordland.com
Media Manager: Shiyu Ji

Brand Strategists/Designers: g.d. partner – gdp-partner.com
Creative Partner: Sean Zhu
Designer: Liwei Zhai
Designer: Lele Zheng
Project Manager: Yue Feng