Brand Concept Video
Country Base: Croatia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Tourism, Geographic Locations, Places, Countries, Destinations

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Industry Setting

The island of Hvar is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic and the only island in the world with six sites
and intangible items included in the UNESCO World Heritage lists.


Our task was to unify Hvar’s towns and municipalities with one brand positioning and brand story for the whole
island – to find a relevant emotion unique from ancient times to the present day.


In a series of amazing stories, we recognized “light” as a motif that is omnipresent at Hvar. The light at Hvar is more powerful, more intense, richer than elsewhere. Our new slogan “Discover, Follow and Be the Light” and the new brand story call for its discovery.

The light is in the lantern used to hunt for sardines. It is in the tower Tor, which guards the island. It is also in the sun that nourishes the agave from which the Benedictine Sisters have been making lace for hundreds of years.

The light illuminates a Roman mosaic showing Kantharos that bears witness to the light of the spirit. The greatest light is the one that spiritually nourishes the islanders in the Following the Cross procession. The 16th century Hvar poet said “nothing is hidden.” It’s true light is everywhere here as Hvar is the sunniest island in the Adriatic.

The inspiration for the logo was the agave lace included on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. The logo
metaphorically unites the agave lace and the sun.


A day after the launch, Hvar’s brand video had 28k views. The new brand story evoked a strong sense of pride among Hvar’s inhabitants. This was the first time the island was presented as a unified destination, uniting all places under one motif – the light.


Client: Association of Tourist Boards of the Island of Hvar –
Director, Jelsa Tourist Board: Marija Marjan

Brand Strategists/Designers: Fabular –
Creative Director: Anja Bauer
Art Director: Maja Bagić Barić
Senior Brand Consultant: Petra Despot Domljanović
Brand Consultant: Stipan Rimac
Brand Consultant/Copywriter: Maja Đaković
Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga
Senior Brand Implementor: Matea Denona
Photographer: Saša Ćetković
Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga

Video: Kabinet –
Video Producer: Suzana Pandek
Video Director: Filip Mojzeš

Translation/Proofreading: Cody McClain Brown