Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Brazil
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy, Utilities, Environment, Sustainability, Carbon Credit, Renewable Energy

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Industry Setting

The energy sector in Brazil is evolving rapidly, with a growing emphasis on clean and renewable energy sources. Against this backdrop, the merger of Votorantim Energia and CPP Investments gave birth to Auren, a brand set to revolutionize the commercialization of clean energy in Brazil. The nation’s push towards sustainability and increasing demand for renewable energy solutions created an ideal environment for Auren to make its mark as a leading player in the industry.


The challenge was to keep Votorantim Energia culture while aiming towards the future, harnessing renewable energy’s transformative power. As for the visuals, we needed to symbolize the concept of renewable energy while reflecting transparency, sustainability, and human engagement. We had to ensure that Auren’s visual elements would resonate with consumers, partners, and stakeholders, conveying its commitment to a cleaner, brighter future.


Auren’s strategy centered around creating a unique and meaningful brand identity. The team focused on the concept of the Mobius strip, integrating it into the logo to represent both the brand’s initials and the perpetual cycle of renewable energy. The choice of vibrant colors conveyed the energy from diverse renewable sources, while a translucent design symbolized transparency and environmental responsibility. Combining curved typography and lowercase letters added a human touch, creating a harmonious blend of purpose and experience.


Auren’s strategy revolved around forging a distinctive brand identity based on synergy. Their aim was to “Energize and boost people and business.” This vision was embodied through the Mobius strip in the logo, representing both the brand’s initials and the perpetual cycle of renewable energy. Vibrant colors signified diverse energy sources, while a translucent design exemplified transparency and environmental responsibility. The addition of curved typography and lowercase letters imparted a human touch, harmonizing purpose and experience.


Client: Auren Energia – aurenenergia.com.br
Corporate Communication Manager: Ana Carolina Sánchez

Brand Strategists/Designers: FutureBrand – futurebrand.com
Director and Partner: André Matias
Strategy: Bruna Albuquerque
Strategy: Bruno Inokawa
Director and Partner: Cris Penz
Verbal: Felipe Biondi
Design: Gustavo Vasconcelos
Strategy: Helena Lanza
Verbal: Igor Ribeiro
Design Leader: Jacquiline Cerdeiro
Verbal Leader: Juliana Bezerra
Director and Partner: Lucas Machado
Design: Thiago Benato