Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Fitness, Afrobeats, Health, Wellness, Dance, Exercise, Nutrition, Education, Coaching

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Industry Setting

In the realm of fitness and cultural wellness, AFROBEAT FIT® emerged from the pages of a manifestation journal in 2013, becoming a vibrant reality under the guidance of founder Kemi Asani. Inspired by Fela Kuti, the Nigerian musical artist and activist, and other cultural influencers, AFROBEAT FIT stands as a bridge connecting people to joy, love, and their roots through dance-based fitness rooted in African culture.


With dedication and a team of dance fitness enthusiasts, Kemi initiated “sweat sessions” for local communities and virtual audiences. Yet, the vision extended beyond—a desire to make AFROBEAT FIT accessible to corporate employees, particularly those often overlooked in “inclusive” health programs, as well as to reach audiences across the US and internationally.


To bring this vision to life, a new website was crafted, featuring a bold and colorful user experience. A flexible brand identity system and architecture for corporate events were introduced. The tagline, “Balance Over Burnout,” encapsulates the essence of AFROBEAT FIT’s mission. Plans for a certification program aim to empower more instructors and coaches, broadening access to this unique wellness offering. The on-demand marketing via social media was increased.

A budget-frieindly phasing plan has been set to migrate merchandise packaging and wearables designs over time.


Following the challenges of the pandemic, the strengthened AFROBEAT FIT brand and expanded virtual offerings have propelled the company forward. Transitioning from small community sessions, AFROBEAT FIT now engages ERGs (employee resource groups) at notable organizations such as Gillette, Google, and Harvard University. The virtual, on-demand program has been accessed by groups across the US, Panama, and Mexico, to date.

The brand’s impact has extended to employee wellness sessions at Qualcomm, The United States Coast Guard Academy, and Tiem Athletic. AFROBEAT FIT has not just survived but thrived, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and inclusivity.


Client/BrandOwner: AFROBEAT FIT® – afrobeatfit.com
Founder and Chief Sweat Officer: Kemi Asani

Brand Strategists/Designers: AFROBEAT FIT Team – afrobeatfit.com

Extended Project Team:
Kindell Brownkindellbrown.com
Kay Piazzalinktr.ee/KayPiazza
Stephanie Pineadalinktr.ee/edgysthemua