Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United States
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business Consulting, Sales and Growth Consulting

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Industry Setting

SBI (Sales Benchmark Index) is a sales consultancy born and bred from the benchmarking and analytics world. Their team of highly respected practitioners provides “player-coach” solutions (insights to action) in a different kind of consulting experience for clients seeking speed to measurable growth.​


SBI’s legacy brand was dated and reflected an outdated business and industry model. Their previous tagline, “Make Your Number,” resonated with limited audiences and missed the opportunity to express a bigger, more holistic value. SBI needed to shape the future of the company and attract the next generation of sales leaders to come on board.


As part of our research, we spoke to both SBI clients and market leaders within their industry. We discovered SBI is viewed as boutique and niche but also highly experienced, building trust by putting “skin in the game.” Every SBI consultant is a former sales leader or performer who “carried the bag,” and their hands-on expertise and experience is unmatched in the market. ​SBI provides Go-to-Market Growth Advisory for innovative companies using real-world experience to deliver strategies and execution that accelerate higher and more profitable revenue.

By positioning SBI as the Go-to-Market Growth Advisory, we simply expressed what SBI does as a consultancy. Their logo, a dynamic, upward-pointing arrow, visually represents upward growth and SBI’s status as a market leader.​


The reformulated positioning and brand allowed SBI to tell its story in a more clear, concise, and compelling fashion. The results attracted more of the high caliber talent needed and established the elevated and differentiated position they sought as growth leaders.

“Internally, the new brand has become a great unifier, bringing our employees together in their focus on our business, and the vision of what we are building. Externally, the brand has captured our emphasis on client delivery excellence and helped signal to the market that we are doing something significant that will be instrumental to our clients’ success.”

~ Mike Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer, SBI


Client: SBI – sbigrowth.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Sustena – sustenagroup.com

Executive Vice President and Brand Strategy Lead: Bryan Jenkins
Brand Strategist: Kepler Knott
Director, Project Management: Danielle Raymond
Associate, Project Management: Juliet Flynn
Principal, Creative Director: Ryan Paul
Design Director: Warren Beishir
Designer: Michael Ross
Senior Director, Creative Services: Jillian Haynes