Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United States
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Patient Care, Wellness Services

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Industry Setting

ProCare LTC had long been a trusted institutional pharmacy partner known for its attentive service to patients and providing accurate medication provision. As the company grew, it shifted its focus from providing traditional institutional pharmacy services to providing patients personalized medication management from facility to home.


ProCare had minimal brand awareness beyond their current institutional relationships, and current customers/partners were unaware of the brand’s future medication management focus. ProCare needed a new name and a compelling visual system to communicate this change to the marketplace, further driving awareness.


The Clarest brand was developed with patient outcomes as the guiding principle of all strategy and design, focused on highlighting the clarity and subsequent outcomes that are delivered by the Clarest medication management data platform.

The name development and visual brand were crafted to communicate the way in which Clarest untangles the complexities of medication management, through their proprietary data and long-standing pharmacy expertise, creating a consistent connection to a patient’s care information to ensure better, longer, and healthier lives. The newly introduced Clarest brand stands apart in its industry due to the brand’s central focus on patient outcomes.

The visual brand highlights the interconnectivity and complete nature of Clarest’s patient-centric philosophy with the use of the “wing” symbol. The wings symbolize their focus on supporting patients whether in-facility or at home, by eliminating knowledge gaps and ensuring precise medication management to foster clarity and peace of mind. The color blue was also important, as it gave the brand the feeling of a tech-forward, modern platform.


As a private equity-backed business, when we presented the Clarest to their board, the senior-most board member and investor smiled and said, “This new brand will get us one full turn of EBITDA*,” clearly showcasing the business value of Clarest.

* Note: EBITDA = Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization


Client: Clarest Health – clarest.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Sustena – sustenagroup.com

CEO and Brand Strategy Lead: Brenna Garratt
Brand Strategist: Brooke Effron
Senior Associate, Brand Strategist: Charlie Fletcher
Principal, Creative Director: Ryan Paul
Design Director: Warren Beishir
Senior Director, Creative Services: Jillian Haynes