Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United States
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Agriculture, Gardening, Technology, Processing, Greenhouses, Cannabis, Infrastructure, Agtech, Farming, Renewables, Infrastructure, Residential Markets, Mergers, Acquisitions

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Industry Setting

Gibraltar Industries, a leading manufacturer/distributor of products for North America’s agtech, renewables, infrastructure and residential markets, had acquired six companies, including two in cannabis growing and processing technology. With these acquisitions, it stood poised—for the first time—to meet cannabis growers’ needs as a full-solutions partner. Everything from greenhouses to oil extraction.


Gibraltar’s goal was ambitious: to become the leading agtech solutions provider in controlled environment agriculture. They needed to transform perceptions of their business.

Gibraltar challenged us to:
• Recommend a strategy for integrating acquired businesses into their existing portfolio
• Design new brand architecture to bring order to their disparate brands
• Define a compelling new brand to unify the portfolio and create new value


Gibraltar’s audiences now included farmers, researchers and cannabis growers. So we conducted deep internal/external research (qualitative and quantitative) to develop our strategy.

We learned the marketplace was looking for more than products and services. Stakeholders wanted support in their fast-changing industries. They respected the company’s history. But no one Gibraltar brand represented all they sought.

Our solution? A new master brand: Prospiant, a name that positioned the business as “the one who helps others prosper.”
• Go-to-market strategies celebrate Gibraltar’s legacy expertise across the entire value chain—“from soil to oil”
• The unifying brand message “Growth rooted in partnership” connects across audiences
• A stylized bracket and bold colors anchor the new design system, conveying attention to detail, partnership and vision


The Prospiant brand launched to praise from employees and customers. The brand’s architecture, design and story represent an embrace of the future as Prospiant offers a seamless experience for floriculture and cannabis producers.

Per Mark Dunson, Prospiant’s group president, “As Prospiant,…we are now in the position to better help businesses, research and educational institutions grow through more streamlined operations and consolidated industry expertise.”


Client: Prospiant (a Gilbratar Industries company) – prospiant.com
CMO: Debbie Murphy

Brand Strategists/Designers: DeSantis Breindel – desantisbreindel.com
Co-CEO: Howard Breindel