Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Software, Communications, Workplace Experience, Mergers, Acquisitions

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Industry Setting

Harmonizing the future of communications and workplace experiences.

Poppulo, a pioneer in the employee/customer communications and workplace technology industry, united three brands under a singular story, name and identity. In a post-Covid world, Poppulo recognized that meaningfully reaching every employee is hard, so is managing office space in a hybrid world and improving the customer and guest experience. This merger was made to capitalize–especially coming out of Covid-19–on the emerging market of digitized employee/customer communications and workplace experiences.


The brief was to unify three brands under a single story and identity. However, this goal faced significant challenges both internally and externally. Internally, each company had different work and national cultures. Externally, their buyers were completely different. This brand needed to connect across a broad spectrum and rally around a simple and single idea that resonates and differentiates.


Built around the foundational brand idea of harmony–that ideal state where everything is humming along efficiently– our work solved for each challenge. Because when people are connected, energized and moving together with purpose, there is no limit to where we can go. Dubbed the “ecosystem in harmony,” the dynamic, modern, circular logo made up of Poppulo’s letters evoke a sense of collectiveness and how each part is important to achieve true harmony.

The four gears visualize a Poppulo world where every individual part works together to achieve harmony. As a collective whole, representing perception, engagement, connection and inspiration, the gears elevate the brand’s human impact while underscoring the business impact. As a digital first brand, Poppulo needed energetic colors that jumped off the screen and across platforms.


The Poppulo rebrand, with the launch of its new Poppulo Harmony communications platform, successfully launched in the fall of 2022. The new expression came to life across their new website, the client team loved their new identity and brand idea so much, they celebrated with worldwide “harmony” events to truly live their brand.


Client: Poppulo – poppulo.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Monigle – monigle.com
Senior Manager of Client Experience: Paige Keefe
Associate Manager of Client Experience: Cassie Miltner
Director of Strategy: Mike Maio
Senior Consultant of Strategy: Danielle Tieman
Executive Creative Director: Nina Janzon
Creative Director: Mariana Hochleitner
Director of Design: Elijah Schroeder
Designer: Alex Michalko
Executive Director: of Verbal: Pat Attenssio
Director of Verbal: Kae Penner-Howell
Associate Director of Digital CX: Kelsey Krebsbach
Director of Digital CX: Kylie Forcinito
Digital Experience Design Associate Director: Jeremy Crawley
Director of Digital Content Strategy: Rachel Hornay
Insights Consultant: Maggue Schaller
Insights Analyst: Brendha da Silva
Senior Production Specialist: Chelli Schmac
Senior Production Specialist: Jeremy White