Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Branding, Brand Consultants, Agency, Humanizing

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Video, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

As one of the country’s leading brand experience companies, Monigle’s been at the forefront of redefining how brands are made and experienced for over 50 years, their growing capabilities have them competing more and more on a global stage.


Problem was, their visual expression wasn’t working as hard as they were. It no longer reflected who they’d become. It was becoming increasingly cumbersome for internal team members to deploy across Monigle experiences. And finally, it wasn’t standing out against their competition.


Reinforce their strategy: They needed to align Monigle’s expression to elevate their repositioning to that of a true experience company.

Stand out and apart: In a competitive creative agency landscape, they needed to show up making a strong first impression with their clients.

Be more inclusive: In a world where inclusivity plays an ever-more important role in all facets of brand, they needed to bring ADA inclusivity to life

Empower virtual work: As a brand that relied heavily on stock imagery, their brand expression was putting stress on cloud bandwidths and file sizes that were hard to manage across a post-pandemic team heavily reliant on digital collaboration.

Flexibility and usability: They needed their system to work harder for their internal marketing team. This way they could more easily plug and play branded assets that had a more defined and logic role and rely less on custom created design solutions.


First, Internally, employee pride and excitement has skyrocketed.

Second, with easier templates and a modular system to work with, they are now capable of creating beautiful work with high efficiency—even though they are not all designers. And by eliminating server- clogging photography from their identity, speed and ease of collaboration has increased, too.

Externally, their new website has become a vehicle to engage their clients, prospects and talent in richer conversation, all reinforced and elevated through a dynamic expression that captures who they are and where they intend to go.


Client: Monigle – monigle.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Monigle – monigle.com
COO: Mark Thwaites
Executive Creative Director: Nina Janzon
Creative Director: Mariana Hochleitner
Designer Director: Elijah Schroeder
Senior Designer: Sharon Farber
Senior Designer: Roman Vlasov
Designer: Samantha Morrell
Implementation Diretor: Rihana Azam
Implementation Senior Designer: Ann Ciliberto
Project Manager: Minty Chinsomboon
Production Director Laurent Tschumy
Senior Production Specialist: Chelli Schmac
Senior Production Specialist: Patrick Mapes
Production Specialist Courtney Kraig