Brand Extension
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Cumputer Hardware, Software, SaaS, Investment, Rebrand, Brand Visual Identity

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Industry Setting

Founded on May 4, 2016, Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group, or LCIG, stands as the global science and technology industry fund within the Lenovo Group. LCIG’s mission is to seamlessly integrate Lenovo’s worldwide resources, internal incubation, and external investments.

Acting as a vital link between Lenovo’s internal and external innovations, LCIG houses venture capital, innovation subsidiaries, and Lenovo gas pedal departments. Its expansive portfolio covers diverse sectors such as AI, big data, robotics, AR/VR, core components, cloud computing, IoT, medical care, transportation, industry solutions, and consumer upgrades. In essence, LCIG serves as the driving force behind Lenovo’s strategic presence in the dynamic realms of the Internet and intelligent ecosystems.


Despite catering to B-end enterprises, LCIG faced a dated brand image that failed to convey the dynamism of the tech industry. The endorsement and resources from Lenovo Group were not reflected, leaving the brand lacking a distinct personality. The challenge was clear: how to align the brand image with its innovative values and leverage Lenovo’s endorsement for a stronger identity.


The redesign aimed to showcase the allure of “Lenovo,” “investment,” and “technology.” Font adjustments modernized the logo, aligning it with the digital era. The “L” in Lenovo inspired a versatile visual system, combining parent company colors with those of invested industries. This not only enhanced recognition but also facilitated effective communication with stakeholders. The strategy focused on creating a cohesive and dynamic visual identity.


The revamped brand vision resonated strongly with Lenovo, internal enterprises, industries, and the media. Beyond a visual facelift, the upgrade communicated a strategic message: LCIG serves as a bridge, fostering business collaboration between member companies and Lenovo Group, committed to advancing cutting-edge technology in the industry. The success lies not just in the new image but in the narrative it weaves about LCIG’s pivotal role in the tech landscape.


Client: Lenovo Capital –
Brand Director: Qian Du

Brand Strategists/Designers: g.d. partner –

Creative Director: Sean Zhu
Design Manager: Cheng Lin – Hangzhou Dianzi University
Designer Tianqing Lv
Designer Lele Zheng
Project Manager: Yue Feng