Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Hospitality, Hotels, Luxury, Travel, Destinations, Tourism, Places, Branded Environments, Interiors, Women Empowerment, Cultural and Historical Preservation

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Industry Setting

In the competitive landscape of boutique hotels, where distinctive, upscale accommodations grace historic urban landscapes, Guild House Hotel stands as a beacon. With a focus on discerning guests seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and historical significance, Guild House competes amid boutique and luxury establishments. Moreso than plush accommodations, it’s set apart by an unparalleled brand story deeply rooted in the legacy of the New Century Guild and its profound impact on women’s empowerment.


Guild House Hotel faced a pivotal moment with the acquisition of a historic building, echoing a strong legacy of supporting working women. The challenge was clear: modernize the brand while upholding historical integrity, appealing to contemporary audiences and honoring the past. This imperative arose from the evolving hospitality industry, emphasizing unique, story-rich experiences and the growing importance of historical and cultural preservation.


Guided by a commitment to culturally and historically aware travelers, the strategy unfolded as a delicate dance between the building’s meaningful past and modern luxury. The signage heralds this balance, complemented by the years that both the original Guild and the refurbished hotel were established.

Drawing inspiration from historical documents and late 1800s/early 1900s typography, the design approach embraced elegance, simplicity, and authenticity. Integrating a social media strategy broadened reach, including younger audiences. The rebrand not only highlighted the legacy of pioneering women but also created a space inspiring female empowerment and social progress.


The rebrand resonated with the target audience. Qualitatively, positive guest feedback praised the seamless blend of historical elements and modern amenities.

Quantitative evidence emerged in increased bookings and amplified social media engagement. The unexpected twist of the COVID-19 pandemic became an opportunity to work through some finer details that would contribute to the brand and ambience around the hotel, enriching the overall guest experience. Guild House Hotel emerged preserving historical essence in a reimagined modern sanctuary, solidifying its stance in the competitive boutique hotel market.


Client: Guild House Hotel – guildhousehotel.com
Co-Owner: Brennan Tomasetti

Brand Strategists/Designers: CWP Design – cwpdesignstudio.com
Creative Principal: Corey Pontz
Senior Designer: Vienna Schrack
Design Consultant: Britt Larson