Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Saudi Arabia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Travel, Airlines, Airplanes, Transport, Places, Geographic Locations, Transportation, Shipping and Delivery, Countries, Tourism

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Industry Setting

FlyAkeed, once a last-minute travel app, faced saturation in a competitive market. To secure future growth, the company pivoted towards becoming a premier corporate travel services agency, aiming for a comprehensive and personalized experience in the Kingdom and the region.


The primary hurdle for FlyAkeed was redefining its value proposition in a highly competitive arena. Shifting focus from last-minute bookings to corporate travel, the challenge was to create a seamless, tailored experience while retaining brand equity and ensuring future adaptability.


Co-creating a strategic plan, we aimed to retain brand equity, establish trust, and differentiate FlyAkeed in the corporate travel sector. Market research identified unique needs, allowing us to tailor services and stand out from both local and global competitors. The flexible brand architecture ensured adaptability for potential service expansions.


The repositioning led to a remarkable 10X revenue increase, validating the focus on corporate travel services. The successful rebrand played a pivotal role in a series A funding round, enabling FlyAkeed to navigate industry competition and pivot towards corporate travel.

The new brand strategy and visual identity elevated FlyAkeed, fostering internal alignment and attracting top talent. Positioned as a leading corporate travel services agency, FlyAkeed now delivers a comprehensive, personalized experience, supported by a modern logo, refined typography, and a consistent color palette conveying trust and expertise.


Client: FlyAkeed – flyakeed.com
• CEO: Bassam Almohammadi – On Linkedin
• Marketing Director: Mahmoud Alshanqiti – On Linkedin

Brand Strategists/Designers: Gene Branding – genebranding.com
• Creative Director: Ahmed Alabdullatif – On Linkedin
• Art Director: Fahd Alfraikh – On Linkedin
• Brand Strategist: Adel Alhusaini – On Linkedin