Component Rebrand
Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Apparel, Accessories, Fashion, Online Retail, Trends, Mobile App

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Industry Setting

Naspers is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors and operators in the world. Within the Naspers Group European portfolio, a prominent online fashion retailer sought a strategic rebranding to enhance its standing in the highly competitive fashion landscape.


Operating in a rapidly evolving sector, the objective was clear: infuse a sense of (obsessive) coolness into its identity. The decision to rebrand stemmed from the necessity to elevate the brand’s appeal, particularly given the essential cool factor inherent in the fashion industry. The challenge was to instill order and cohesion across all brand touchpoints, aiming to position the brand as the preferred apparel and fashion platform for a diverse audience.


The chosen strategy involved the development of a compelling brand idea and slogan: “The extraordinary of normality.” This approach aimed to imbue the brand with relevance, authenticity, and an effortless appeal while maintaining a spirited and witty undertone. The rebrand resulted in a flexible logo that is a foundational and powerful visual. This strategic move made a distinct statement, celebrating the contemporary fashion culture within the broader context of today’s convenience-centric society.


The flexible visual identity effectively delivered on the expectations of agility, creativity, inspiration, “fashion for every day,” instant availability, and gratification. The outcome was a success, positioning the brand at the forefront of the evolving fashion landscape.


Client: Dante International Fashion Days –
Co-General Manager: Robert Berza

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandient –
Design Director: Ciprian Badalan