Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Wellness, Disabilities, Support Services

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Industry Setting

Everyday Independence is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider of allied health services to Australians with disabilities. It offers a differentiated, proven approach to service delivery known as the ‘Everyday Way’. Rather than a clinical model, it’s a team- based approach where services are provided in the communities where participants live, work, learn and play. Recognized as the best way to build skills, it also changes community attitudes that often hold people with disabilities back.


Demand for these life-changing NDIS services often exceeds supply with far more people seeking support than there are practitioners. As business growth is driven by winning the battle for talent, not clients, talent attraction and retention was a primary focus. But in a sea of NDIS providers, rather than being an effective signal for their distinctive offering, the brand was holding the business back.


A bold new Brand Positioning, Employer Value Proposition, Brand Identity and messaging positioned Everyday Independence as game changers in the market, disrupting the category norms of language, color and imagery. Balancing the gravity of a brand voice that borrows from the language of advocacy and a color palette that conveys urgency, is the humanity of portraits that capture the life-changing relationships between participants and their practitioners, ensuring people are always at the heart of the brand.

A bold and dynamic new brandmark – an “E” formed from three steps – highlights the ‘Everyday Way’ approach that celebrates the step-by-step milestones along a participant’s journey to independence.


The new brand is a confident and optimistic expression of disability support services. Between Apr-Aug 2023, Everyday Independence saw a 47% increase in requests for services compared to the previous year. Nov 2022 -Jan 2023 saw an 80% increase in overall practitioner applications including 42% amongst graduates, ensuring a new generation of health practitioners apply to join the organization.


Client: Everyday Independence – everydayind.com.au
Marketing & Engagement Executive Lead: Tara Cahill

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au
Group Strategy Director, Principal: Tim Riches
Employer Brand Director: Claire Gallagher
Creative Director: Rachel Terkelsen
Senior Writer: Marty Zablocki
Design Director: Richie Hartness
Senior Designer: Jean O’Sullivan
Senior Designer: Shinhea Kim
Senior Designer: Sam O’Brien
Account Director: Ane-Marie Dabo
Senior Account Manager: Akshita Gopinath