Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Canada
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology, Computer Hardware, Software, SaaS, Environmental Health and Safety

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Industry Setting

The Environmental, Health, and Safety Software (EHS) industry, valued at $1.81 billion USD in 2023, plays a crucial role in ensuring worker safety and aiding enterprises in managing Earth’s resources responsibly. Within this industry, five major companies vie for global enterprise engagements, with Cority being a key player for over 35 years.


Despite a 35-year history and a solid track record, Cority faced unique challenges after being majority-owned by Private Equity firm Thoma Bravo in 2019. The company, previously recognized as a top player in the EHS category, grappled with questions common to post-acquisition scenarios:

1) How could they transition from being a good company to a great one?
2) How could they integrate their acquired entities into a cohesive whole that surpassed individual contributions?
3) How could this be achieved swiftly in the face of rapid industry changes?


Research and stakeholder interviews revealed that Cority, known for integrity and innovation, was modest about its accomplishments. The primary strategy was to align the brand with its core values – creating technology that ensures the safety of people and the planet. The focus shifted from the ‘how’ to the ‘why,’ boldly declaring, “It’s time to think differently.”


Since the rebrand, Cority has witnessed remarkable growth across various metrics:

• Year-over-year record growth
• International expansion with a substantial increase in total headcount
• Record revenue in 2022 and 2023
• Surpassing 3 million customers
• Recognition as a top-rated global leader in EHSQ software by industry analysts
• Numerous accolades and awards

Architecting a Brand for the Future: The new brand was designed as a flexible, scalable system for an unfolding future. Simplification was the key element, addressing the challenge of a growing product portfolio that had become overwhelming for customers. The new brand’s look and feel streamlined the user experience and anticipate the organization’s future growth and product offerings.


Client/BrandOwner: Cority – cority.com
CEO: Mark Wallace
CRO: Stephen Molen
CMO: Michael Courture
Director of Communications: Susan Smart

Private Equity Partner: Thoma Bravo – thomabravo.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: RLD- ricklowedesign.com
Executive Creative Director and Founder: Rick Lowe
Brand Strategy Lead: John Creson
Account and Usability Director: Melissa Harris
Senior Web Designer: Katie Freathy
Web Engineer: Colin Duwe
Copywriting: Kevin Seidel
Motion Graphics: John Gerweck

Motion Graphics: John Gerweck – tooth.is