Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Educational Institutions and Libraries Retail Stores/Property Developments, Online Retail, Bookstore Chain, Library, Cult Brand

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Industry Setting

In a deeply eroded sector, a Romanian bookstore chain with a substantial brick-and-mortar presence, but limited online visibility, needed to revitalize its brand. This brand, cherished as a cultural icon by generations of Romanians, decided it had to transform for today’s audience.


Rebranding an iconic Romanian national bookstore created a unique set of challenges exacerbated by the pandemic and the swift rise of e-commerce. Cărturești, known for its “resistance through culture” ethos and diverse experiential spaces, needed to adapt to the changing landscape, while preserving its non-commercial approach.


Cărturești, nestled in historic landmarks and modern shopping centers, had become a cultural hub. However, the brand lacked visual identity, relying solely on its verbal representation. The solution was a clever reimagining of the logo—a word puzzle.

Through relevant icons and various logo compositions, the brand embraced a personalized touch. Each composition played with the name, “Cărturești,” and incorporated different words reflecting moods, instances, and lifestyle aspects in both Romanian and English.

The intelligent play on the name itself, opened the gates for infinite communication instances and versatile content: Carturesti (the last 4 letters of the name mean “you are” in Romanian) + different words that fit different moods, instances, and lifestyle aspects (RO and EN): inspired / classy / optimistic / relaxed, in an endlessly generous concept declination: Carturesti …relaxed, Carturesti …classy, Carturesti …special etc.


The visual elements extended to the communication platform, amplifying the brand’s visibility and appeal. This approach, especially resonant with digitally savvy younger generations, forged a special and emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

The redefined visual and verbal identity not only addressed the challenge of poor visibility but also positioned Cărturești as a relevant and appealing choice for the evolving preferences of its diverse audience.


Client: Cărturești – carturesti.ro
Co-Founder: Nicoleta Iordan
Co-Founder: Serban Radu

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandient – brandient.com
Design Director: Adrian Stanculet