Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Food, Restaurants and Fast Food, Burgers, Dining, Entertainment

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

The Gulf’s love for burgers is legendary. Bahrain is no stranger to this trend and has more than its fair share of burger joints. Joe Mama’s was a small but successful restaurant. Started by three young burger lovers, Joe Mama’s managed to carve a share of Bahrain’s highly competitive fast casual dining space; until the pandemic forced them to close.


The market re-opened and brand owner Ahmed Fakhro knew he had the chance to start again and get it right this time. Joe Mama’s was a successful brand, but the name was not ownable. While you could taste the passion Ahmed has for burgers, the brand was less flavorsome! What was required was a new brand to help build equity so they could franchise the offer.


The brand essence enshrined the owner’s obsession with “doing things the right way.” Ahmed practices his craft relentlessly, perfecting every detail, like a musician honing his tune. This obsessive detail orientation was our strategic cornerstone. The Customer insight “Joe Mama’s always plays great music” gave birth to Black Stripe’s character: freedom, rebellion & passion…a reflection of Ahmed’s uncompromising rock & roll personality.

The whole brand was inspired by Ahmed’s love of rock & roll. Musical wordplay was a key character note, creating engagement as customers learn the in-jokes, while the simplified menu offered ‘greatest hits’ like Burgers & Fries. Black Stripe now expresses Ahmed’s obsessive pursuit of the perfect burger experience.

Vision – To serve the burger that burger fans will go out of their way for
Promise – Serve the best burger, no compromise
Values – Artistry, Authenticity & Friendliness
Positioning – Dangerously Delicious Burgers


The brand has migrated successfully past its first comeback tour – the food truck format using Black Stripe’s ‘Tour Van’ has supported visibility, helping promote the brand and take Bahrain’s best burgers to the people, forming an increasingly loyal fan base. On the back of their first successful branch, Black Stripe are opening a second in Bahrain and a third in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).


Client/Brand Owner: Black Stripe Restaurant – blackstripeburgers.com
Owner: Ahmad Fahkro

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono International WLL – unisonoagency.com
Executive Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Director of Strategy: Amy Morgan