Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Brazil
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Agriculture, Gardening, Energy, Utilities, Industrial, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Biofuels, Clean Environment, Clean Air

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Industry Setting

Be8, formerly known as BSBIOS, marked its 18th anniversary in 2023 with ambitious plans for the future. The Brazilian biofuels company, already a prominent player in the national market, aimed to expand beyond biodiesel, establish industrial plants in Paraguay, and grow its global presence. To support these objectives, a rebranding effort was initiated to reflect the company’s sustainability focus and global aspirations.


The rebranding strategy encompassed various elements, from a name change to an extensive launch campaign. The primary challenge was to balance the urgency of addressing renewable energy in today’s world while planning for future expansion. The new brand, Be8, was carefully crafted to convey sustainability, circularity, and global expansion.


The name “Be8” conveys the idea of being infinite, symbolizing the sustainable and circular nature of renewable energy. The logo, featuring the number 8 shaped like an infinity symbol, further reinforces these concepts. The design elements, including the eight bands in the circular logo, evoke movement, transformation, and the global reach of the brand. The visual identity incorporates green, signaling the brand’s legacy while giving it a contemporary and digital edge. The graphics represent energy, capturing its abstract nature, transformation, and continuous movement. The use of serif typography with strong contrast distinguishes the brand in the sector.


The tagline, “Reinventing the future. Now.” emphasizes the need for immediate action in the renewable energy space. This strategic rebranding not only prepared Be8 for international markets but also established it as a leader in the sustainability segment. The updated brand image aligned with contemporary ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) visual codes, emphasizing sustainability and responsibility. Be8’s rebrand was able to position it as a pioneer in the renewable energy market, both in Brazil and on the global stage.


Client: Be8 Energy- be8energy.com
Communications: Leticia Fazolin

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services: FutureBrand – futurebrand.com

CEO: Ewerton Mokarzel
Verbal: Felipe Biondi
Straegy: Helena Lanza
Strategy Leader: Ana Brum
Director and Partner: Lucas Machado
Design: Guiherme Carvalho
Design: Yara Santos
Design: Rafael Nakatani
Motion: Francisco Fernandes
Motion: Higor Santos
Design: Thiago Benato
Strategy Leader: Gabriella Nobrega
Design: Ana Ferreira
Verbal: Igor Ribeiro