Rebrand Implementation
Country Base: Germany
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business, Professional Services, IT Service Provider, Banking, Technology, Digitalization, Financial Services, SaaS

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Industry Setting

In the ever-evolving banking landscape, Atruvia stood strong amid technological shifts, changing customer expectations, and fierce competition from both traditional and neo-banks. As the trusted digitization partner for 780 banks in the National Association of German Cooperative Banks and over 200 private banks, Atruvia manages a staggering 86 million accounts, oversees 32,000 self-service terminals, and orchestrates 7.5 billion transactions annually. All of these helped to firmly establish the company as a driving force in the banking sector.


A strategic shift from IT service provider to digitization partner necessitated profound organizational overhaul for Atruvia. This transformation demanded a new brand, a guiding roadmap uniting employees under a shared vision and providing orientation for the journey ahead.


To seamlessly navigate this transformative journey, Atruvia engaged multiple stakeholders—from the Executive Board to clients and partners. The “Brand Circle” was established as a collaborative hub where various departments synchronized efforts, ensuring strategic alignment with corporate goals.

This collective effort, closely tied to the Executive Board, fostered a unified approach to brand strategy and garnered crucial senior stakeholder support. Continuous discussions and resolutions in the “Brand Hub” addressed operational aspects of brand management and implementation.


Embracing agile methodology, Atruvia successfully rebranded over 95% of the 300 touchpoints across 10 business areas by the launch date. The new brand resonated strongly with stakeholders, quickly overshadowing the old name. Within days, the new brand became the focus of conversations, winning unanimous approval. Three months post-launch, a remarkable 82% of employees affirmed that the new brand aligned with the company’s strategy, 66% sensed a strengthened sense of unity, and 56% experienced improved collaboration—a testament to Atruvia’s successful transformation.


Client: Atruvia AG –
• Tribe Lead Brand Experience & Events: Christian Schmidt
• Principal Expert Communication Analyst and Brand Management: Oliver Techel

Brand Implementation: VIM Group –
• Managing Director: John Bache

Brand Strategy/Designers: – KMS TEAM –
• Managing Partner: Simon Betsch