Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United States
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Mortgage Verification, Credit Reporting, Financial Services

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Industry Setting

Xactus, formerly Universal CIS, was formed by bringing together seven of the nation’s leading credit reporting agencies. These acquisitions were made to create scale, influence, knowledge, and technology to revolutionize the mortgage verifications industry, a space that was behind the times and ripe for innovation.


As a roll-up of seven different organizations, Xactus struggled to tell its story externally and to unify its internal teams. Employees naturally aligned with their legacy companies and had little purview into the broader vision of the newly formed company. To help these businesses truly merge and operate as one, the company needed to create a new name, brand, and market positioning they could rally around. The brand needed to be bold, innovative, and signify change.


Our goal was to signal to the market that Xactus now has the size, scale and ambition to transform what otherwise is an antiquated industry.

The name Xactus represents the idea of being exact and precise, traits that are extremely valued in the verifications space. The sharp, precise nature of the name was balanced by a bold, friendly visual identity, with Xactus rendered in all lower-case letters. To further differentiate the brand in an industry cluttered with blue identities, Xactus adopted a distinctive purple color.


The Xactus brand launched to significant fanfare from its current clients and employees. As significant, the market took notice as Xactus immediately became a new juggernaut in a crowded and competitive industry. Xactus also signed several new and noteworthy clients, attracted three new senior leaders, and drew great interest from industry trade organizations and tangible attendance at regional and national trade events.


Client: Xactus – xactus.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Sustena – sustenagroup.com

CEO and Brand Strategy Lead: Brenna Garratt
Brand Strategist: Paul Worthington
Senior Associate, Brand Strategist: Charlie Fletcher
Director, Project Management: Danielle Raymond
Principal, Creative Director: Ryan Paul
Design Director: Warren Beishir
Senior Director, Creative Services: Jillian Haynes
Motion Graphics: NYB Media