Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Government, Destination, Entertainment, Arts & Culture

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Industry Setting

We joined forces with Create NSW, resident arts companies, community, and government stakeholders to help position the revitalised Walsh Bay Arts Precinct (WBAP) as a cultural destination and brand. To capture a truth about a working arts precinct that pulses with energy at the water’s edge, we developed a unifying brand idea and identity that perfectly encapsulates the boundless creativity on offer at WBAP, while still being welcoming and accessible.


Inspired by the historical wharves, and an aerial representation by Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Head of Design, Jacob Nash, we designed a unique shape that reflects the interconnectedness of the water, land, past, present, and future – and works as a dynamic frame for the creativity of the resident arts companies and community.

The colour palette works harmoniously with the language and identity, capturing the electric energy of creative excellence, vibrant community and living culture that exists at the edge of the city – where the land meets the sea


We developed our strategic platform, “The sparkling heart of Sydney’s performing arts”, with the buy-in of stakeholders and communities. We created a visual and verbal identity (including narrative) to really deliver on the project’s objectives to build cultural vitality and inclusion, and to draw visitors in. The signage is attractive and eye-catching, transforming areas that were previously a bit hidden away into a welcoming and inviting place for all.


The visual identity has been a point of pride for resident arts companies and Create NSW. It has opened the precinct up with attractive and welcoming signage, revealing its abundant secrets. As a prominent fixture of the WBAP launch, the identity was well received by all constituents. With so many talented and artistic stakeholders, this is no mean feat.

We’ve brought Walsh Bay out of the shadows – between the Rocks and Barangaroo – as an exciting destination in its own right.


Client: Walsh Bay Arts Precinct – Walsh Bay Arts Precinct Website

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au

Strategy Director: Moensie Rossier
Business Director: Renée Stekel
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Design Director: Darren Swain
Director Brand Language: Hamish Cargill
Senior Writer: Nick Ryan
Account Manager: Paris Coote
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Creative Artworker: Ben Williams