Component Rebrand
Country Base: Finland – China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Beverages, Consumer Goods and Services, Milk, Dairy, Premium, Nordic, Technology, Food, Processing

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Industry Setting

In 2017, Valio, one of Finland’s largest dairy producers, sought to become consumer facing in China after more than a decade of successful B2B operations. Facing a heavily crowded dairy segment, they needed a new visual design to debut their premium dairy UHT ( ultra-high-temperature processing) milk and milk powder products.


Backed by more than a century of experience and Nobel Prize-winning technology, Valio has a proud heritage, yet a low consumer awareness in China as a high-end dairy producer. The challenge lay in creating a packaging design that reflects Valio’s strengths as a premium dairy provider and encourages consumers to try their products.


After extensive research, Valio specifically selected 1L and 250ml UHT Whole Milk and Skim Milk products for China. The new packaging design focuses on conveying Finnish dairy as a source of purity, high-quality and worthy of a premium price-point.

Our creative direction “Nordic Purity” evokes the fresh, pure spirit of Finland through a series of stylized landscapes centered around the country’s glaciers. The minimalist landscapes wrap around the packaging, ensuring the story is continued no matter what side of the packaging is visible.


The numbers speak for themselves. Valio’s UHT milk and milk powder experienced powerful sales growth in 2018:
• Sales of Valio UHT milk exceeded 400 million tons
• Online sales increased by 487%, reaching 4.7 million RMB
More than 34,285 boxes of Valio’s Total Lactose-free milk powder sold


Client: Valio Shanghai Ltd –

Marketing Manager: Joan Zhou

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services: MetaDesign Beijing –>

Client Services:

Client Manager: Allison Chu


Creative Director: Sally Anderson
Associate Creative Director: Siuming Leung
Designer: Dan Liu


Managing Director: Mauro Marescialli
Associate Strategy Director: Owen Li
Brand Consultant: Lori Luo