NEW: Spotlight Opportunity For You

Take advantage of our new opportunity designed to spotlight your rebrand, outside of our REBRAND 100® Global Awards. We launched this recently, in support of our loyal participants challenged as a result of the current health and business environment. Details on how to have our help to spotlight your brand change at our website and social media networks are below.

However, as always, you can reach us with questions. We love hearing from you! Contact us

How To Submit Your Enterprise-Wide Rebrand, Brand Extension, and/or Component Brand Change

1. A minimum of 4 before examples and max of 10 (they have to be high res .jpg images) at a ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 for each separate image.

2. A minimum of 4 after examples and max of 10 (they have to be high res .jpg images) at a ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. Do note that if you have a few images that depict components of stationery or a few images representing brochures, we count those as one (1). The same goes for several screen shots or images depicting the website — if it reflects the brand change.

3. Each image should have a brief caption describing the image. Please DO NOT place the caption on each image. Just name the file for each .jpg or provide a numbered list of captions that correspond to the images – being clear on what is “before” and what represents the “after” state.

4. Written summary of the brand change in total of 300 words or fewer (320 is okay, 365 is not) that includes these sections: a) Industry Setting b) Challenge c) Strategy d) Result. Plain text or a Word document is fine for this. Please do not send text as an image or PDF.

5. You can include one or two videos that help tell the story of the brand change — as long as each video is 3 minutes or less. If you have code we can embed at 680 pixels wide, that’s fine. You can also include the video file in #10 below, which we can host through our Vimeo account, and then embed at our site for the showcase highlight.

6. We need the official name of the brand/client company and their web address. If they have social media profiles, please provide a list of those to us as well, so that we can mention them if/when we highlight them at our social media sites.

7. We need to know the industry category or categories that are most pertinent. Examples: Financial Services, Travel, Hospitality, etc. We will also help to determine or add to that.

8. We need to know the country in which the brand is based.

9. You have to assure that you have cleared rights to whatever assets you submit to us. That means that your submission confirms that you grant us the full and clear rights to share at our site or anywhere/medium we see fit, as long as we credit the brand and the agency/brand consultant(s), for the projects you submit. This includes case study compilations we may share, promote, or market down the road, which still ultimately benefit you and your client.

10. Zip up all the above in a single folder with the name of the project for the file name and upload to our account. If you have your own server from which we should download, that’s fine as well. You just need to let us know via

That’s all in a nutshell. Do alert us if/when you plan to submit. You can send as many projects as you deem necessary. It is our decision on what fits for our audience and mission, and how/what we will showcase.

These examples in our past winners showcases are helpful models for your spotlight:

• Australia – Australia Energy Foundation

• China – Origo Coffee

• France – Accor

• US – Baker Hughes


Please know that if/when our Jury Council reviews the work, we will remove the name of the brand consultants, since jurors are unaware of who did the work, until after they make their decisions. In the examples in our winners showcases, you will see that the credits sections are visible because they were projects already reviewed by jurors in the past.

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