Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United States
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, Entertainment, Places, Destinations, Vacations, Holidays, Media, Timeshares, Premium, Lifestyle, ECommerce, Publishing

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Industry Setting

In 2020, Wyndham Destinations set its sights on its next phase of growth during an unprecedented period of disruption across the global travel industry. Core to its business strategy was finding the right acquisition that would further its ambition of diversifying beyond vacation timeshares. The goal was to reach more premium segments and modernize leisure for the contemporary travel enthusiast—all while signaling growth to Wall Street and its partners across the industry.


In January 2021, Wyndham Destinations announced that it would be acquiring Travel + Leisure from Meredith, with an innovative partnership strategy that licensed the T+L brand back to Meredith so it could continue to run the magazine and media offerings with full editorial independence. The Wyndham Destinations’ expertise in membership travel would be combined with the #1 most influential magazine for travel and journalistic content into a global premium lifestyle brand.


Collaborating closely with Wyndham’s leadership, we developed the comprehensive brand strategy that moved T+L from a media company that communicated the best of travel to a fully experiential brand ecosystem obsessed with helping travelers dream, discover, and deliver their next extraordinary adventure. We rebranded Wyndham Destinations as Travel + Leisure Co., developed a brand architecture and portfolio strategy that recast Wyndham Destinations as the portfolio sub-brand for its legacy timeshare business.

This included the design of a dynamic identity system to complement the universally recognized T+L logo. We also developed a holistic customer experience strategy that seamlessly integrated travel services, rich content, e-commerce, and membership clubs into a single platform branded as Travel + Leisure GO that launched over the summer.


Having completed its successful transition from Wyndham Destinations to Travel + Leisure, with a unified portfolio, a dynamic brand identity, and an innovative customer experience, the new T+L is fully prepared to capture a world of leisure travelers ready to travel again. The new brand now extends its reach and leadership position into new frontiers of global travel, becoming the singular digital destination for turning travel inspiration into reality.


Client: Travel + Leisure – travelandleisure.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: DeSantis Breindel – desantisbreindel.com