Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Height-Enhancing Teaching System, Physiological Growth Training, Healthcare, Wellness, Wellbeing, Self-Improvement, Science, Health Technology, Education

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Industry Setting

TOLOKAH is a height-enhancing teaching system specially designed for teenagers and adults, helping people to establish a basic understanding of physical and psychological science. Through scientific and simplified maintenance and training, TOLOKAH helps people increase height and reveal natural self-confidence.


First, there are many products and services on the market, so differentiation was needed to increase customer trust. Second, the original brand name “TALLER GROWTH” is not protectable in terms of trademark rights. Third, the brand identity was not able to convey the feeling of its professional and friendly service.


The new name and identity were developed after market research and formulation of the brand strategy. “Lokah” in Taiwanese is “tall man”, and is “blessing” in Sanskrit. This means that TOLOKAH not only increases the height of customers, but also expands their mind, creating infinite possibilities.


The brand image of TOLOKAH received positive responses after its relaunch. It was simpler and faster to communicate with consumers. The first impression of “upward growth in body and mind” is displayed. Such a good brand vision also resonated with consumers and increases brand recognition with a turnover increase by 200%.


Client: TOLOKAH: tolokah.com

Chairman: Hsuan-jan Chen

TOLOKAH Facebook

Brand Strategists/Designers: Process Ltd. (Taipei) – process-group.com

Consulting Director: Jules Li
Creative Director: Xinhong Yeh
Brand Designer: Estela Lin, Hsingyi Ko
Motion Designer: Yiru Huang
Brand Consultant: Kaiching Liu
Business Development Director: Angel Yang