Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: New Zealand
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financeial Services, Tax, Accounting, Professional Services/span>

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Industry Setting

TMNZ worked with the Government in 2002 to create tax pooling. Unique to New Zealand, tax pooling aimed to make tax easier by helping businesses manage cashflow, meet payment obligations and save money.


TMNZ has approximately $10B in its tax pool. However, with more modern looking competition appearing in the market, TMNZ started to look a little bit boring. Interestingly, 100% of the company’s annual profit goes to the Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation, funding high impact environmental and social organisations and initiatives. With this little-known, yet remarkable, philanthropic side-story in the wings, it was time for TMNZ to revolutionise its brand, spread the word and reclaim the limelight.


TMNZ’s dedication to making Aotearoa a better place led to the ‘100% invested in Aotearoa’ brand idea, supporting values and story. This became the main construct for its language and new logo, with the ‘Z’ in TMNZ representing the percentage symbol.

To intuitively connect with ‘100% invested…’ the wordmark’s rounded forms and straight lines echo traditional Māori carving, immediately familiar to all Kiwi. The colour palette references our native landscapes, with a modern, bright green digital pop, and an unexpected pink. Modern geometric patterning references financial spreadsheets while adding further energy and structure.


TMNZ’s rebrand has been a success on all levels with more staff engagement, positive client research, better website and media statistics, and an increased growth in new business.

Staff engagement Survey Results – 90% ‘I feel inspired by TMNZ’s purpose’.
Client email engagement – 40% open rate/hugely positive response (up from 30% benchmark).
National Tax Conference – 150K online reach and business leads.
M2 Women event activation – 500 attendees, 668K online reach.
Sustainable Business Network Awards – 655 attendees, 60K online reach.
NZ Herald Stuff and Business Desk ads – 768K views, 11K website visits, 225K video and 500K+ social impressions.
Business Desk sponsored content – 4:40 minutes read time (average is 1.7 minutes)


Client: TMZ Tax Management NZ – tmnz.co.nz

TMZ Tax Management NZ Facebook: facebook.com/taxmanagementnz
TMZ Tax Management NZ Twitter: twitter.com/taxmanagementnz
TMZ Tax Management NZ Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/taxmanagementnz

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au

Strategy Director: Nick Sampson
Account Director/s: Natalie Fabrin
Creative Director: Jodine Bell
Design Director: Stephen Kane