Component Rebrand
Country Base: Japan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Chemical, Automotive, Architecture, Laminated Glass, PVB Interlayer Film, Safety, Security, Protection, Solar, Design, Display, Sound

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Industry Setting

SEKISUI S-LEC has been creating world-leading interlayer films for laminated glass for more than 60 years.
We have grown as a global company by focusing on continuous improvement of the quality of the product and working areas by keeping customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal.


SEKISUI S-LEC needed to be consistent and united as an organization in order to grow further in the middle of rapid changes in society and values. Therefore, we reconstructed the “vision” and “action” for the future.


We focused on the potential strengths of SEKISUI S-LEC: a strong passion for creating a comfortable space for consumers and an absolute commitment to market needs.

The action slogan “Make the NEW” expresses the attitude of employees to take on challenges and creative efforts to realize the future in the connection of people, society, environment, and technology by seriously facing social issues. In addition, the visual design emphasizes “the connection between the two elements” and “the stance of being close to market needs” by treating it with a red slash, suggesting that the products of the Interlayer Film Division will open up the future.

Simple and sharp typography is suitable for many flexible applications as well as corporate color schemes. Designed to be highly applicable and impressive even when used in various cultures, it is created with the future of the company and society in mind.


The rebranding has improved the organization’s goals and the quality of its day-to-day operations. It also provided an opportunity to discuss the future of the company and stimulated communication among many employees.

Most employees responded to the change with interest and curiosity, but the rebranding also caused them to rethink the way they work. We think that changing the way they work and how they approach their daily work will have a lot of impact on society in the near future.



Division Name: Marketing and Business Development
Marketing Manager (Japan): Yusuke Hagiwara
Marketing Manager (Europe): Sho Fujioka
Business Development Specialist: Maya Wakayama

Brand Strategists/Designers:  philosophist –

Creative Director, Art Direction: Takahiro Inada
Director: Akira Hagiuda
Project Management: Mayumi Yamamoto
Designer: Moto Ogura