Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Not-for-Profit, Nonprofit, Koala, Preservation, Habitat, Wildlife

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Industry Setting

Koalas are in big trouble. Habitat loss, life threatening diseases and rampant bushfires have pushed them to the brink of extinction. Without a collaborative survival strategy, supported by the best science and research, koalas could disappear within our lifetime.

But saving Australia’s most loved animal is just what IKCE (International Koala Centre of Excellence) was founded by the Government of South Australia to do.

However, they needed a stronger brand to help build their profile and awareness in a crowded sector.


To help explain IKCE’s difference, we looked at what they do. We discovered that their conservation story is more holistic than traditional.

Using cutting-edge thinking, their full-spectrum approach covers everything from relocations and revegetation to community engagement and education.


Our strategy establishes IKCE as THE authority on “Survival Science.”

We created a distinctive brand identity, unexpected color palette, eye-catching logo, as well as a tone and narrative that’s clear, open, and honest.

We also gave them a new name, “Koala Life,” which lends a real sense of urgency to the cause. The easy-to-remember name also conveys a sense of optimism.


The new Koala Life brand is now embedded throughout the organization and it has been enthusiastically received by everyone.

Koala Life’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Daniels said:

“The team have taken the IKCE Board on a remarkable journey that has revitalized and reinvigorated the entire organization. We are now close to finalizing our role, purpose, and function. To say we could not be in this position without the deliverables from [Principals] is a massive understatement. The [Principals] team efficiently and effectively got to the heart of “who we are” (I’m not sure we even knew this ourselves), and from there delivered a pack of materials around name, brand, icon, color scheme, tagline, pillars and narrative which has effectively recreated our organization. We absolutely could not be where we are without this support and action from [Principals] and acknowledge, with gratitude, your pro-bono support.”


Client: Koala Life: Koalalife.asn.au

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Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au

Freelance Strategy Director: Sandy Belford
Senior Strategy Consultant: Gareth Joe
Creative Director: Pip Ireland
Designer: Min Shim
Senior Writer: Nicholas Ryan
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Senior Account Director: Renée Stekel
Account Executive: Tallulah Storm