Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Japan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Sports, Football Club, Soccer, Athletes, Apparel, Teams, Fans, Merchandise

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Industry Setting

Football is enormous in Japan. GAMBA OSAKA is one of the biggest clubs in its top domestic league, J1. In its 30 year history, it has won numerous titles at home and in Asia.


Recently, GAMBA OSAKA had faded down the rankings. The club lacked excitement and a vision that would unify players and supporters and propel it back to glory. We were tasked with rethinking GAMBA OSAKA as a modern, world class football club, attract new fans, players, and investors, court broadcasters and sponsorships, and give it back its star power.


We focused on the sincerity and passion that remains the core of the club. Our theme BE THE HEAT, BE THE HEART expresses the burning energy inside players, club, and fans alike, and builds an emotional connection between team, supporters, and community. The G emblem incorporates elements of flame, heart, and goal. Our bespoke typeface suggests cutting strength and determination.

The typography, both minimal and sharply modern, lends itself to numerous flexible applications, as do the club’s color scheme. They are designed to be instantly compelling, adaptable, and a source of pride. Both were created with existing fans and future generations in mind.


With modern design and an inspiring rallying cry, we created a sports experience brand that is challenging, ambitious, and proud. Our rebrand separates GAMBA OSAKA from other domestic teams and positions it confidently on the world stage. Moreover, it compels players and fans to think differently about the club and brings a new style to Japanese sports culture.

The launch movie gained 24,000 views in the first three days and widespread media coverage. The club’s website is receiving more than four times its usual traffic. Programs are underway to increase GAMBA OSAKA’s visibility in the sport and its community.


Client: GAMBA OSAKA – www.gamba-osaka.net

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Japan – www.interbrand.com

Associate Creative Director, Creative Direction: Yuki Muramatsu
Senior Design Director, Art Direction: Masakazu Okura
Senior Designer, Design: Sergi Perez
Senior Designer, Design: Shintaro Nakamura
Director, Project Management: Kazuo Suguro
Director, Project Management: Akiyoshi Ono

Art Director, Launch Movie, GWG Inc: Akihiro Ikegoshi