Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Hydraulic Manufacturing, Pump, Valve, industry

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Industry Setting

Founded in 1981, CML is the first enterprise in Taiwan to invest in the hydraulic manufacturing industry. It is a total solution provider, committing to the production and sales of hydraulic products, and assisting customers in building customized stations and systems.


For a long time, the company focused on product development, sales, and production quality, but did not manage the brand image, and lacked a clear mission, vision, core value, and consistent brand identity. In addition, how to find uniqueness in the international market and differentiate from other competitors was the focus of the rebranding.


Through market research, the brand essence “Passion Drives” is distilled to convey the CML brand spirit. To make the brand more intuitively emotional, the identity design incorporates elegant and simple curves inspired by hydraulic flow. A dynamic style shows the power of CML to drive the world and continue to progress.


The brand identity system that accurately conveys the brand spirit and value is established, and employees are proud of working in the company. In addition, the easy-to-use brand guidelines will make the market expansion and management more efficient. The result has been in more business inquiries received from 80 countries to 125 countries.


Client: Camel Precision Co., Ltd: cml-motion.com

President: Martin Chen
General Manager: Chin-chuan Lee
Executive Vice President: Bobby Chu
Sales Manager: Rocci Wang
Marketing Supervisor: Eva Hong

Brand Strategists/Designers: Process Ltd. (Taipei) – process-group.com

Creative Director: Xinhong Yeh
Consulting Director: Jules Li
Motion Designer: Yiru Huang
Brand Designer: Estela Lin, Yihsuan Chen
Brand Consultant: Kaiching Liu
Business Development Director: Angel Yang