Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Croatia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Home Accessories, Decor, Interiors, Spaces, Craftsmanship, Furnishings

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Industry Setting

Glam Avenue was a store selling unique hand made home decorations. The owners of the brand were two sisters, who have inherited the family business from their father. They were also the creators of the acrylic glass home accessories collection.


The Glam Avenue name didn’t reflect the sisters’ precision, craft and love for what they were doing. The brand wasn’t known beyond a very narrow local market, which was the founder’s aim. It was also very difficult to build online presence, as there were numerous websites with similar names.


What inspired us the most during brainstorming with the brand owners was their love, precision and care dedicated to every single detail. That was the inspiration that guided us in creating the brand story about perfection that lies in details:

“Details form the complete picture about people, places, things. They are the ones that are carved into our memory and give meaning. With people, it’s the smile, gesture or a word that reveals their true standpoint in a conversation. In the interior, details give soul to the space, enrich it and breathe life into it.

With love, care and dedication we create beautiful home accessories, inspired by moments and details from everyday life. We create so we can inspire people’s love for the little things, falling in love with the details that breathe life into their living space.”

Based on the brand strategy we created a new name Sorinele. The name is inspired by the brand owners (ita. Sorelle + Sonja + Marinela), and brings positive associations on smiling and sunny (ita. sorriso / sole), as details they create bring joy and enrich every space. Craft and precision are further emphasized with the new slogan “Eye For Details.”

The inspiration for the logotype came from the sun and the eye (eye for details), and also from acrylic glass panels, whose versatility was shown with elegant lines in different colors and thickness.


Their loyal customers loved the new branding. The new brand gained attention of all the national lifestyle media and lead to an increasing fan base and engagement on social media.


Client: Sorinele – sorinele.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Fabular – fabular.agency