Brand Implementation Leader, VIM Group, Helped Two Telecommunications Companies, Romtelecom and Cosmote, Unite Under One Brand: Telekom Romania

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The task was to unify two unique telecom organizations in Romania, Romtelecom (fixed) and Cosmote (mobile), under the single Deutsche Telekom ‘T’ brand, over a period of just 4.5 months. The combined organization consisted of 8,600 employees.

The project was a classic example of extensive brand implementation, governance, management and guardianship, involving three complex and large organizations coming together to create one single and consistent brand.

In addition, the entire product and IT portfolio of the two companies had to be merged to the corporate strategy of single-source propositions and one unified customer experience. Only on this basis was it possible to bring the brand to life and to credibly launch the brand essence of “Life is for sharing” in Romania.

Consultants from VIM Group in London were engaged to run the project locally under the guidance of Deutsche Telekom HQ in Bonn.

Ten key workstream areas were established as a close-knit and collaborative virtual team, with the sole objective to effectively drive the brand through the heart of the organization, across all its functions. The functional areas included HR, Brand Communications, E-Business, Technology B2C and B2B, Legal, Wholesale, IT, Retail and Shops, Real Estate, PR, Customer Service, Finance and Products and Propositions.

Tight and collaborative project management helped deliver over 120 key projects. The key activities included:
• Complex project management
• Brand led organizational and cultural change
• Effectively manage new FMC product development
• Manage entire T Brand implementation (e.g. refurbishment of almost 550 corporate-owned and dealer stores)
• Digital channels
• Slogan adoption to Romanian language
• Product naming and brand architecture across Digital, FMC and IPTV
• Development and coordination of PR and marketing campaign
• Televised press conference with over 120 journalists and the Prime Minister
• T day events in Romania and Berlin gathering 50,000 people together
• Brand research and monitoring


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