Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United States
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Software Development, Technology

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Industry Setting

Redzone is a connected workforce solution for manufacturers within the food and beverage industry. Redzone’s software platform helps companies obtain manufacturing labor, retain them, and keep them engaged. Redzone helps manufacturers dramatically improve communications, collaboration and community within the plant and activates frontline workers to significantly higher levels of engagement.


Redzone wanted to transition away from being seen as a digital production system and become more aligned with the connected worker category. Ultimately, Redzone needed a compelling brand platform to support their quest to increase its awareness, grow their market leadership, and win more enterprise business.


Our strategy was to harness Redzone’s people-centric vision and ethos for the importance of frontline workers. Through an extensive research process and a collaborative effort with senior leadership, we helped Redzone balance their perception as a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) business while positioning them more closely to the “Connected Worker” category. Then, we reimagined the look of the Redzone identity to signal change to the marketplace, positioning frontline workers as the heroes of the brand.

To support the new positioning and messaging, we developed a unique logo crafted from individual shapes coming together to form the Redzone name. The logo embodies the concepts of teamwork and synchronicity. The shapes can contain worker photos, enabling the logo to become a literal reflection of the frontline workforce. In addition, the same individual shapes form a proprietary brand pattern, iconography, and photo or text containers, creating an instantly recognizable visual identity and flexible brand system.


The rebrand positioned Redzone as a recognized market leader and increased its client portfolio of large enterprise manufacturers. Since the brand launched, Redzone has exceeded its quarterly goals and won more large enterprise clients than targeted.

“By harnessing the power of the connected worker, we’ve noted a 60% jump in website traffic, an uplift in press pickups, and an impressive increase in new enterprise business.”

~ Claudine Bianchi, SVP Global Marketing, Redzone


Client: Redzone – rzsoftware.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Sustena – sustenagroup.com

CEO and Brand Strategy Lead: Brenna Garratt
Brand Strategist: Jeff Slater
Senior Associate, Project Management: Kristine Jao
Vice President, Creative Director: Andrea O’Neill
Principal, Creative Director: Ryan Paul
Design Director: Warren Beishir
Senior Director, Creative Services: Jillian Haynes
Web Development: Vital Design