Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Japan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial Device, Control Device, Business-to-Business Solutions, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Employee Engagement

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Industry Setting

Today, it’s difficult to differentiate oneself by just manufacturing products according to specs. Panasonic Industry, one of the core Panasonic businesses, needed to show its proactive approach to enabling customers reach the futures to which they aspire.


The challenge was to develop a powerful message that would reveal Panasonic Industry’s true strengths and convey the spirit of passion and collaboration driving their powerful commitment to contributing to an affluent society, inspiring customers as well as all internal and external stakeholders.


We focused on their latent strengths: strong passion for making things and unwavering commitment to customers’ aspirations.

The slogan “Your Committed Enabler” expresses Panasonic Industry’s determination as true professionals to face the challenges of customers with sincerity, and work together to realize the future they envision.

To emphasize this determination, we created a comprehensive design system that combines an inspired “IN” message with basic design elements aligned with the brand personality to inspire internal and external audiences, creating an emotional message that shows Panasonic’s commitment to the future envisioned by stakeholders.

The minimalistic, precise design system is based on navy and blue-gray tones, letters “IN” from “Industry” suggesting both the brand’s role in enabling customers to realize their vision as well as the identity of the company itself, and graphics evoking a circuit diagram to convey quality and sophistication.


Panasonic Industry’s clear intention is to transform itself from a company that supports its customers behind the scenes to a partner who stands with them, expanding the possibilities for the futures they imagine, and making it all happen together.

Now united as one brand under the new concept and design, Panasonic Industry’s 65,000 employees at 74 locations around the world are working together to bring the slogan “Your Committed Enabler” to life through their actions, enabling customers to realize the future they envision.


Client: Panasonic Industry – industrial.panasonic.com/ww

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Japan – www.interbrand.com

Associate Creative Director, Creative Direction: Yuki Muramatsu
Senior Design Director, Art Direction: Masakazu Okura
Design Director, Design: Masashi Tanaka
Senior Designer, Design: Sergi Perez
Director, Messaging: Seppo Kurki